What is sustainable tourism

What is sustainable tourism

From COAMB, we explain to you why we believe in a more sustainable tourism to accomplish the main objectives for a sustainable development.

What is tourism and what are their benefits?

We have to understand tourism as a positive activity, because it gives value to the local natural and sociocultural heritage by turning them into tourist attractions and making them better for the residents and available to tourists, who will generate profit to help the economy, social and environmental development in the territory. In addition, travel brings us personal enrichment and moves different cultures and worldwide realities closer to us.

If tourism is so positive, which is the problem?

The problem arises when the tourism industry is oversized and exceeds the carrying capacity of the destination.

In conclusion, there is a loss of heritage value and its tourist attractions, which are making tourism only good for a few.

Why sustainable tourism is necessary

For a while and from different professional and local fields, the need of a more sustainable tourism model has arisen. A kind of tourism that avoids the problems caused by a short-term tourism management model, which doesn’t consider future generations. A kind of tourism that distributes wealth fairly and equally across the tourism value chain and helps to regenerate regions affected by the overcrowding.

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